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Expertise with tight tolerances

They say that what someone else says about you is 10x more important than what you say about yourself. So you can imagine our elation when we read what Wolfe Tory had to say about us, and the value we’ve been able to add to their Atomizer device. Here is the full story, published by Today’s Medical Developments Online


It’s not easy to hold tolerances in the +/- .0005″ range, and even tougher to do it reliably with CPK values in excess of 1.33. Yet it is possible, and it’s one of the reasons Wolfe Tory has considered us their partner for so many years.

Image teams up with CAMA

CAMA and Intertech Team Up

The Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) represents collaboration across industry, government and civic society (academia, nonprofits, associations, etc) to enhance the global competitiveness of advanced manufacturing, drive job growth across the state and make innovations into realities in Colorado. This 2012 video commemorates that event, held at parent division Intertech Plastics.

Acquired by Intertech Plastics

Intertech Plastics Inc. acquires Image Molding, premier service provider to the Medical industry. 

DENVER (July 17, 2013) – Intertech Plastics Inc. has acquired Image Molding, a Denver-based injection molding and contract manufacturing service provider to the medical devices industry.   Image will join Intertech Plastics as the medical division of Intertech Plastics Inc., extending Intertech’s full suite of service offerings to OEM’s in the consumer products, industrial plastics, and medical industries.

“We’ve been in negotiations with Image for some time now…” reflects Noel Ginsburg, CEO of Intertech Plastics Inc., “…and the skills and capabilities that Image brings augments our capabilities tremendously, and is a great addition to the company.  Additionally our ability to serve medical device manufacturers is further enhanced with the addition of even more high-end molding presses, controlled manufacturing environments, small parts expertise, and medical-specific protocol.”

“We couldn’t be happier,” comments Ewan Grantham, President of Image Molding, “the depth of engineering and management support that Intertech brings will be a great enhancement here, as will the increased ERP technology and sales support.  We have a great synergy in the works here.”

With 50 presses, 200 employees, and close to 160,000ft² of manufacturing space, this acquisition enables Intertech Plastics Inc. to further distinguish itself as one of the largest injection molding service providers in the Denver area and Rocky Mountain region.  Combined with both ISO 9001:2008 and 13485:2003 certifications, white room molding, a high end metrology lab, and an ISO Class 7 certified clean room, its capable staff can confidently deliver value to a very diverse customer base, leveraging the best of its high volume, high automation services with more intricate and highly regulated part fulfillment.


Now part of Intertech Plastics

As of July 2013, Image Molding is a part of Intertech Plastics Inc.  What this means short-term is very little… our employees still have the same roles, our customers will continue to receive the service & quality they’ve come to expect, and our operations will remain fairly unchanged.   Ok so if nothing’s changing, then why would Intertech want to acquire Image?

Yes good point.  And rest assured this lack of change is only temporary.  We are excited to have these companies join, as Image’s capabilities in the small part molding and assembly for medical applications compliments the other skills and capabilities of Intertech Plastics nicely, resulting in a very diverse, stable, and capable service bureau.   We look forward to not only continuing to service your molded plastic needs in the same way you’re accustomed to from Image Molding, but also introduce new options for you when it comes to assembly, packaging, fulfillment, and higher cavitation molding.

As we continue to develop our employees, invest in new capabilities, and take on new challenges, the result will be a growing service bureau that can efficiently accomplish more than either of its subsidiaries could have done independently.  It’s our hope that in time you’ll take advantage of some of the many services available to you now from Intertech, as we work to leverage the best of the best from each business unit into standard practices across all facilities, while at the same time provide you with a much wider array of product development and manufacturing services.


New Molding Presses

Image Molding announced today that it added three additional injection molding presses. A 2012 Toyo Si-55V-D150CU, 2011 Toyo Si-1101V/F2004BU, and 2011 Toyo Si-150F200HBU add 55, 110, and 150 ton capacity to Image’s tool kit, making its total machine count of 20 presses.

“These new Toyos are just what we needed,” commented Ewan Granthum, President of Image Molding, “and they’re just what our customers need as well.” Grantham went on to explain how these new electric presses not only run more efficiently and cooler than some of the older machines, but will produce more reliable results as well, which translates to higher part quality and improved satisfaction. All of the molding presses operate inside Image’s 33,000ft² white room manufacturing facility, creating molded parts and devices for the medical industry.