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New Molding Presses

Image Molding announced today that it added three additional injection molding presses. A 2012 Toyo Si-55V-D150CU, 2011 Toyo Si-1101V/F2004BU, and 2011 Toyo Si-150F200HBU add 55, 110, and 150 ton capacity to Image’s tool kit, making its total machine count of 20 presses.

“These new Toyos are just what we needed,” commented Ewan Granthum, President of Image Molding, “and they’re just what our customers need as well.” Grantham went on to explain how these new electric presses not only run more efficiently and cooler than some of the older machines, but will produce more reliable results as well, which translates to higher part quality and improved satisfaction. All of the molding presses operate inside Image’s 33,000ft² white room manufacturing facility, creating molded parts and devices for the medical industry.